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Sunita Shrestha, MA Student, University of Oslo.

Exploring perceptions, practices and possibilities of safe delivery among women in upper Mugu, Nepal.

I am currently enrolled as a master´s degree student in community health at the University of Oslo.  As being a student of public health, I have a great compassion to work in the fields of international health policy, reproductive health, gender equality, and woman rights.  My current master thesis was carried out in upper Mugu which is one of the remotest areas of Nepal and very few researches have been conducted in the past. This study aims to explore the perceptions, practices, and possibilities of safe delivery among that society which is in the periphery or beyond the reach of functional health institutions. At the same time, its own socio-ecological uniqueness makes it interesting to observe its influences on their childbirth decision making from generation to generation.

Vardan Karki, Ma Student, University of Oslo.

Factors influencing Utilization of Antenatal Care Services in Rural Health Center in Upper Mugu, Western Nepal.

I am a second-year student studying master’s in International Community Health in University of Oslo. Currently, I am working on my master’s project which focuses on various aspects of the socio-cultural context and existing health system regarding maternity services to explore health seeking behavior of the women during pregnancy in rural villages in upper Mugu, Nepal. Recently, I have visited villages in Mugu, Nepal and stayed two months for my data collection. Upper Mugu is one of the most rural area in Nepal lacking basic facilities as transport, electricity and proper education and health services. The area in heavily influenced by Tibetan culture and religion. The women living in these areas have their own perception, traditions and practices during pregnancy and delivery. This study will explore how all these factors have impact on utilization of health services during pregnancy.