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Zhang Chuanyue, PhD, East China Normal University (Guest PhD, Aarhus University).

Community Education Development in Rural China Under The Returning Flow of The Middle Class A Case Study of Moon Village

I am a Phd student of East China Normal University, I am now a guest Phd student of Department of Global Studies of Aarhus University. My major is Education and my current research topic is Community Education Development in Rural China Under the Returning Flow of The Middle class ----A case study of Moon Village. The purpose of the research is to identify educational factors which have enhanced rural residents’ self-directed learning abilities influenced by the new villagers come from urban area.






Erkki Viitasaari, PhD, University of Helsinki.

Standing out Among Giants - National Museums in Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan and Palau.

I am a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, Department of World Cultures, East Asian Studies. In my research I study the national museums of Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan and Palau - all small nations compared to their immediate neighbors in what I have defined as Greater Southeast Asia. All these nations have a history under Japanese rule, the depiction of which is one of my topics. Another one is how the poorly-documented pre-European period is presented in the exhibitions.