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Anders Fylling, MA student, University of Bergen

Networking and communication: Pulp and paper exports from Norway to China, 1890-1920.

My thesis will focus on the networks and communication that existed between Norwegian, European and Chinese actors, which facilitated the large tonnage of exports from Norway to China in the mentioned period. By applying theory with a transnational historiographical perspective (theories presented by Pierre-Yves Saunier and Akira Iriye (among others)) to the aforementioned topic, my thesis will hopefully shed light upon the individuals and organizations that lived and worked through, and in between self-contained entities (nations and polities). Thus increasing the understanding of what is, and when was, "globalisation" (Saunier, 2013).


Mari Peltola, MA student, Lund University

The situation behind Japan’s stagnant nuclear politics

I am writing my thesis on Japan’s nuclear energy situation. Worsening climate change requires move to cleaner methods of producing energy. After Fukushima’s nuclear disaster, Japan had the opportunity to move towards cleaner energy sources. The current government is still planning on producing 20% of Japan’s energy mix by nuclear power and since the disaster, this situation haven’t changed drastically despite the public’s opinion against nuclear power. My leading question is that why is the nuclear energy situation stagnant, what drives the stagnation and what methods has been taken to move away from the situation?