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NIAS Post Doc Researcher Lau Blaxekjær in Korea this week

Lau Blaxekjær has been invited to Korea to give two presentations - one for the students at KAIST Graduate School of Green Growth, and one wrap-up keynote at the 5th Annual Seoul Climate-Energy Conference 2018.

In the wrap-up session, Lau Blaxekjær will comment on lessons learned and next steps for P4G, Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals: P4G seeks to combine the successes and experiences from the last decade’s (2008-2018) focus on green growth with the new 2030 Agenda’s focus on Sustainable Development Goals. The 4 Gs – Green Growth and the Global Goals – are achieved through Partnerships. But what does this mean?

SDG number 17: “Partnerships for the Goals” contains 19 implementation-focused targets on finance, technology, capacity-building, trade, and systemic issues. The overall aim seems to be to get existing and new partnerships to support developing countries towards sustainable development (within all SDGs). SDG Partnerships are broadly defined as North-South, South-South, and triangular cooperation and as public, public-private and civil society partnerships.

Lau’s presentation will focus on insights from his research on green growth partnerships and will deliver and explain three recommendations for P4G going forward.

  1. P4G partnerships should clearly identify which partner takes on the role of “Internal Governance Unit” and clearly define the terms of reference.
  2. P4G partnerships should include “boundary spanners” or “honest brokers” in all phases of the partnership. Boundary spanners or honest brokers could be from academia.
  3. P4G partnerships should have a clear plan for capacity-building in developing countries, e.g. through inclusion of developing country partners in partnership set-up and implementation and inclusion of on-the-ground work and experiences.

Other speakers include the Korean deputy-minister of Environment, Katherine Richardson, Professor, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and Thomas Lehmann, Ambassador of Denmark to Republic of Korea.